Full control and supervision over the course of industrial processes provides integrated control and visualization systems. The software used to collect data-driven process, and transfer them to a central computer, which are used to management and control is determined by acronym SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

This system serves as a primary consideration in relation to the PLC and other devices. Its basic functions are:

  • visualization work of process
  • control of functions process
  • archiving of process data
  • identification and registration of events

We develop and implement applications of visualization industrial processes using the leading systems of SCADA:

  • WinCC (Siemens)
  • InTouch (Wonderware)
  • Procon-Win (GTI)
  • Brewmaxx (ProLeiT)
  • Wizcon (Axeda)
  • iFIX (Intellution)

As an alternative (or complementary) solution for SCADA systems in the process of visualization we use operator panels, which allow both as local process control as and supervision over the whole installation.

We convert old systems type Corsos LS-B, Procon-WIN to systems of visualization which are using today.