After more than 30 years (starting from 1979.) success of SIMATIC S5 drivers on market of programmable automation,company of Siemens has launched the latest stage in the timetable for their withdrawal. During this period components of SIMATIC S5 are accessible only as part of the replacement parts (efficient to damaged). The final end of production for each option will occur in the following dates:

- SIMATIC S5-90U, -95U/F, -100U 30.09.2013
- SIMATIC S5-115U/H/F 30.09.2014
- SIMATIC S5-135U, -155U/H 30.09.2015

Access to spare parts, software tools and maintenance over time is increasingly restricted. Outdated control system may also be a factor preventing the extension of its functionality and / or its integration with modern systems of industrial automation field.

So do not delay with modernization (migration) of the "old" control system, time works against you.

Important reasons for migration from SIMATIC S5 to SIMATIC S7:

  • reduce unplanned production downtime due to problems with spare parts
  • reduce the cost of supervision and maintenance
  • extending the functionality
  • increase the scope and quality of diagnosis
  • increase production capacity
  • integration with modern systems in the area of industrial automation and IT area

Depending on the specific facility and customer requirements, we offer a complete (or broken down into stages) modernization of the control system of "Old" -> "New" includes:

  • change system of SIMATIC S5 (or other) to SIMATIC S7
  • preserve the old configuration of I/O
  • change systems of visualization of HMI / SCADA
  • convert software and visualization applications with the option to extend and / or optimize
  • implementation with minimum downtime upgraded facility with using plan breaks and stops