We offer MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems which implement the real-time direct access to comprehensive data about the production process as well as allow create detailed reports and statements supporting the management of production and efficiency.

MES systems allow you to:

  • registration of actual work time and downtime of machinery and equipment
  • registration and tracking the causes of downtime and failure
  • registration process parameters
  • tracking the movement materials and raw
  • update state of storages
  • detailed analysis of the collected information in the database

All these data are the starting point towards the optimization of production operations from the procurement process, until the stage of the supply of finished products.

Area functional of MES systems:

  • management of the production process
  • performance management and quality
  • tracking and genealogy of production
  • collection and data acquisition
  • management of document flow
  • management of resource allocation
  • human resource management
  • production scheduling
  • maintenance management

MES Systems fill the IT gap between the sphere of production and the level of planning (ERP systems). Benefits of using MES software:

  • access to accurate information about failures and downtime of machinery and equipment used in making decisions on production management
  • possibility to eliminate losses and downtime
  • optimizing quality of the production process
  • increase the productivity of human work, machinery and equipment