Freely programmable controllers are now applicable in almost every control applications of machine, continuous processes and monitoring systems.qwe

Factors determining the choice of freely programmable controller:

  • reliability, performance, safety, the available parameters
  • total cost of the set
  • standardization within the business
  • the reliability of the supplier
  • level of technical support
  • operating costs (spare parts, software tools)

With a wide range of control systems to enable process automation technology for the most part of our solutions we use the freely programmable controllers of Siemens company. In our references are also the solution realized on the freely programmable controllers of Allen-Bradley, Modicon, GE Fanuc or drivers of Mitsubishi family.

We provide complete control systems of machinery, equipment and technological lines based on the freely programmable controllers of all leading manufacturers.

In this field, our wide powers include:

  • consultation, technical advice
  • completion of supply
  • software control systems
  • implementation, optimization, monitoring and maintenance